Welcome to the website of bell welding works Lachenmeyer, the only bell welding company which is approved by the trade world.

Over 80 years of experience in bell welding!

In the long history of the company, more than 4300 bells of every sizes were welded by us. All that in conjunction with official experts and approved monument preservation authorities.

This guarantees: Hundreds of bells welded by us ring since many decades with full sound!

80 years of quality testing has no other company to offer. We are able to prove the quality of our work with countless certificates and experts opinions.

This means to you: demand certificates and references from your bell welding company! Don't commit your precious and historical bells to unknown New-Comers.

We offer 80 years experience and therefore assurance!

Every bell welded by us comes with a guaranty: You get the same sound like before the damage and the same stabiltity like new bells have.

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