We are welding cracked bells of any size!

Our welding method preserves historical precious bells in excellent condition and is therefore recommend by monument preservation authorities.

Here we would like to point out some of our working fileds.

The largest freely suspended bell in the world
St. Peters bell in the Cologne cathedral:

Weight: 25000kg
Height: 3,35m
Welded: 1956

Before and after welding

New crown is welded in

Welding of completely broken bells:

Before delivery...

...and restored!

Renovation of worn-out bells:

Building on its long experience in welding cracked bells, at the suggestion of the official experts, Mr. Hans Lachenmeyer has developed a patent for renovating bells (Patent Nr. 891348).
This returns the clapper striking points on the striking ring of the bell, which are often worn-out badly, to their original thickness by welding new metal on to them.

The method produces following benefits:
1. The bell body, which is often weakened strongly by the worn-out striking ring, is returned to its original condition.

2. The material stresses, produced by the long-term service intervals of old bells, which often leads to cracks, are reduced by the thermal reconditioning of all metal.

3. Since the sound of worn-out bells falls, the renovation also results in the return of the original sound (which is particulary important if old bells are supplemented to new casted bells).

4. Extensive studies proved that the vibration is also increased by approx. 30% through worn-out bells. Apart from that, the sound of renovated bells is increased in its strength.

Bell with worn-out striking ring

Detail of the striking ring Early enough welded, this worn-out striking ring is prevented to heavier damages (cracks).

From the leaflet of the Consultancy Commitee for German Bells:

"The damage of the striking ring must in no circumstances be allowed to exceed 10%.
Welding on new material to the damaged areas is urgently required when this level of damage is reached."

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